Benefits of crewed yacht charters

Crewed yacht charters are wonderfully gorgeous. Every morning the yacht’s private chef makes a delicious feast that awaits you when you come out of your soft comfy bed. The stewardess serves breakfast on the desk which is beautifully decorated with flowers and crisp linen.

Secret spots of captain

On crewed yacht charter or yacht rental south of France, the captain will come and visit you each morning in order to discuss the schedule for the day. Like what do you want to do? Want to relax on a deserted humid island beach? Want to do hiking in rainforest? Enjoy your day while playing with dolphins? Spend it normally like goofing here and there, eat lunch at some classy restaurant or go for Boutique shopping? Or want to have a helicopter flight. The captain or yacht skipper has many years of experience in finding the best spots and amazing activities in your destination. It helps in providing you the best yachting vacation.

Onboard Entertainment

When a person gets back to the chartered yacht, a beautiful lunch is waiting for them there. The lunch is served properly I the shade of afternoon breeze which is springing up of the water. One can also enjoy the luxury beach barbecue ashore. The chairs and tables are arranged on the soft sand, the chef cooks lobster on the grill and the waiters set up the music according to the environment and pour icy cold drinks.

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